‘Spiritualist’ Arrested for Sex Abuse, Forcing Miscarriage

A man who calls himself a “spiritualist” was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly sexually assaulting four people and “inducing a miscarriage,” according to the New York Post. Christian Robles, 32, was charged with “two counts of criminal sex acts, five counts of sex abuse, criminal possession of a weapon and illegally performing an abortion,” law enforcement officials told the newspaper. Two women and three men told police that Robles “abused” them, including a 29-year-old who says she was six weeks pregnant when Robles stood on her stomach and back while she was on the floor. The woman said she miscarried the next day. The others claim that he “made them drink an oil that made them tremble and shake on the floor.” He then “cut off their clothes” and sexually assaulted them, they allege. The five also claim that Robles threatened to kill them if they told anyone about his behavior.