Stephen Colbert Can’t Deal With Trump’s Bizarre ‘Need to Lie’ About SOTU Ratings

‘First, that’s not true,’ Colbert said. ‘Second, it’s a lie.’


The president is openly lying about the ratings for his first State of the Union and Stephen Colbert can’t figure out why.

On Thursday morning, Trump tweeted that “45.6 million people watched” his speech, “the highest number in history.”

“First, that’s not true,” Colbert said. “Second, it’s a lie.”

Trump got the number right, but it was far from the “highest” in “history.” Not only did President Obama get 48 million viewers for his first State of the Union in 2010, but President Bill Clinton holds the record with 66.9 million in 1993.

“It doesn’t matter how many people watched,” the Late Show host said. “But what does matter is that the president needs to lie about it. And somehow get away with it. This is the new world we live in.”

With that in mind, Colbert congratulated Trump in advance on winning the Super Bowl and told him he was great as the title role in Black Panther.