Stephen Colbert Unloads on Donald Trump Jr. for Defending His Dad’s ‘Racism’

‘Classic defense: how could I be racist? I have pictures with black people!’ cracked Colbert of Don Jr.’s ridiculous argument.


Stephen Colbert is not a fan of exotic animal-hunter Donald Trump Jr.

On Twitter, the late-night comedian famously dug up one of Don Jr.’s more idiotic tweets—there are just so many to choose from—about sexual harassment. The dimwitted real estate heir wrote: “Hypothetical question? Can my 2 year old get in trouble 4 sexual harassment for asking his teacher to come to his place naked after school?”

The tweet was remarkable given how Don Jr.’s father has been accused of sexual harassment or assault by as many as 19 women, that Don Jr.’s own mother once accused his father of rape, and that Don Jr. himself once argued that women who can’t deal with sexual harassment “don’t belong in the work force.”

Colbert’s response: “Non-hypothetical question: Are you insane?”

Tuesday night on The Late Show, Colbert went in on Don Jr. again after the pride of UPenn’s laughable attempt at defending his father’s “racism.”

“Robert Mueller is not Trump’s only problem. A lot of people have called Trump a racist—only because of what he says and does,” said Colbert. “The charge has upset presidential son (and man who K-Y’s his scalp) Don Jr. So this weekend, Donald Trump Jr. took on these charges of racism.”

During an interview with the far-right website Daily Caller, which employed one of the organizers of the neo-Nazi march on Charlottesville, Don Jr. argued of the “racism” charges: “It’s been terrible to watch because I know him, I’ve seen him my whole life, I’ve seen the things he’s done. It’s amazing. All the rappers, all the this…”

“All the this? That’s as much as you know about black people?” Colbert asked, before mimicking the out-of-touch socialite: “In Black History Month, we celebrate all the achievements of African-Americans, from all the rappers to all the this.”

Don Jr. further defended his father against charges of racism—despite the DOJ alleging racial bias in Trump Sr.’s real estate days for his purported refusal to rent to African-American tenants, the time he doubled down on the Central Park Five after it was revealed that they were wrongly convicted, his racist birtherism campaign against the first black president, and his colleague’s claim that he once said, “Laziness is a trait in blacks”—by saying, “All his African-American friends, from Jesse Jackson to Al Sharpton. We have pictures with them our whole lives…”

“Classic defense: How could I be racist? I have pictures with black people!” fired back Colbert. “And it’s true, Donald Trump has a lot of pictures with close personal friends like rappers, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and his buddy O.J. Simpson.”

But wait, Don Jr. was not finished. Again, while being interviewed by a right-wing publication that employed one of the organizers of the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, he said: “It was only till [Trump] got into politics that, all of a sudden, oh, he’s the most terrible human being in the world. I dunno. He wasn’t so terrible a couple of years ago when you were at his events. He wasn’t so terrible then when you were hitting him up for charity dollars, and he’s sponsoring things, and sponsoring scholarships, and doing xyz for you guys.”

Colbert, clearly beside himself, responded, “Yes. How dare you call Trump ‘racist’ after he gave you guys things… and xyz. It’s all part of Donald Trump’s charity: ‘Donald Trump’s Things & XYZ: For the Rappers and the This.’ You know their slogan: ‘We have pictures with black people.’”

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The comedian then walked over to his house bandleader, Jon Batiste, jokingly saying, “Jon, what an outrageous claim,” as a photo was taken of them together on-set.