Students Walkout Across Country to Support Florida School-Shooting Survivors

Students in multiple states staged school walkouts Wednesday to stand in solidarity with the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School one week after gunman killed 17 people there. A number of schools in South Florida area staged short walkouts at noon, and students at Florida State University gathered to march in favor of new gun-control measures. Students from Montgomery County, Maryland, took the streets to march toward Capitol Hill and hold demonstrations at D.C.’s Union Station. School walkouts also took place in Phoenix, Cincinnati, and Minneapolis. Meanwhile, in Texas, one district superintendent threatened to suspend any student that participated in such a walkout. “In conjunction with students nationwide, we are demanding that our voices be heard,” wrote a student organizer in Minneapolis on the walkout’s Facebook event. “We demand that our lawmakers pass regulations to make it more difficult for assault rifles to fall into the hands of those proven to have violent intent.”