Summer Cocktail Calories Counts: Which Drinks Are Healthiest

Not all poolside drinks are created equal. From margaritas to pina coladas to screwdrivers, The Daily Beast ranks 21 drinks based on which fit a summer diet—and which stretch a swimsuit.

Summertime tends to produce a spike in drinking—poolside cocktails, backyard barbeques, after-work mixers. And while food generally comes calorie-calibrated—you don't need a nutritionist to tell you that those three cheeseburgers will be sitting around your middle for awhile—drinks remain the battle of the bulge's stealthy component.

Click Here to See Which Cocktails Are Low-Cal, and Which Pack on the Pounds

So The Daily Beast decided to run the numbers on 21 cocktails that are mainstays at nearly every bar in the nation to see how they stack up calorie-wise against each other. From the classic vodka martini, to off-the-wall Harvey Wallbangers, to beach-side must-have margaritas, just one of these drinks won't pack a huge wallop, but pile on two, three, or four, and the calorie count can approach nearly 1,000.

All these are recipes are from the International Bartender Association, with volumes converted from centiliters to ounces (nutrition information is from Drinks Mixer)—these are the traditional formulas, executed judiciously. In other words, just because a classic margarita is about 200 calories, don't delude yourself into thinking that the El Grande frozen slushee margarita at your favorite Mexican chain restaurant follows suit.

Thankfully, most cocktails don't pack on the pounds. Still, as with drinking and driving, serious imbibing leads to trouble. Moderation is key. So which drink is the Diet Coke of cocktails, and which is the Big Mac? Click here to find out.

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