Suspended Cambridge Analytica CEO Called to U.K. Parliament Again

Britain’s Parliament on Thursday summoned suspended Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix to the House of Commons for a second time. According to a statement, Nix was asked to attend a hearing with the House of Commons’ Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport Committee for its “Fake News inquiry.” He previously testified before the panel on Feb. 27. “Further questions have been raised which the committee intends to put to Mr. Nix to answer in full,” the statement said. Reuters reports the committee found “inconsistencies” with Nix’s February testimony. “Giving false statements to a Select Committee is a very serious matter,” Damian Collins, the chair of the committee, wrote in a letter to Nix obtained by Reuters. “We urge you to come forward and explain your comments at a committee hearing.” Nix was recently suspended as Cambridge Analytica CEO after he was caught on camera boasting about his company’s blackmail services. The company also allegedly misused personal data of some 50 million Facebook users.