Taxpayers Paid $13.6M for Four of Trump's Mar-a-Lago Trips: Government Watchdog

A government watchdog has found that four of President Donald Trump's trips to Mar-a-Lago cost taxpayers $13.6 million—or $3.4 million per trip—according to NPR. The costs are reportedly much higher than early estimates of the trips, with pegged the costs to be about $1 million per trip. The Government Accountability Office also reportedly found the government spent some $10.6 million for government aircraft and boats, and $3 million on “temporary duty costs of government personnel supporting the President's travel.” Sixty-thousand dollars was reportedly paid to Mar-a-Lago during the four trips, most of the money reportedly going to “rooms at the resort for Secret Service agents.” The Washington Post reported that Trump has taken 19 trips to Mar-a-Lago since the start of his presidency.