Team Trump Is Worried About a Primary Fight in 2020 Election: Report

After President Trump suffered two major blows on Friday, the failure to secure border wall funding and the indictment of Roger Stone, even his own “political lieutenants” worry about the 2020 primary, according to The New York Times. In an article published Saturday, the Times reports that while the R.N.C. has publicly voiced support of Trump, his team is worried about other Republicans potentially entering the fray. The Times also revealed that Trump and his advisers aren’t on the same page about which Democrats pose the biggest threat to his presidency. Trump is “especially fixated” on former Vice President Joe Biden, Jr., and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, per the newspaper. But some of his confidants are “more preoccupied” with two other possibilities that provide “a starker generational contrast” to Trump, who is 72. They include California Sen. Kamala Harris and onetime Texas Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke, the Times said.