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Thanks To Instagram, You Can Experience Burning Man Sand & STD Free

Live the adventure vicariously through attendee's colorful Instagram posts.

© Jim Urquhart / Reuters

Burning Man 2015 is well underway, and despite the potential for massive rabbit casualties, the world’s trippiest festival is moving and grooving in 88-degree temps and the occasional blinding wind-and-sand storms. While of course you lament failing to make the trek to Black Rock City for this annual fiery bacchanal, never fear: You can experience the whole thing vicariously thanks to the digital magic of Instagram from the safety of your own cubicle / coffee shop / church pew. Here are a few of our favorite pics and clips thus far. If you want more—you know you do—all you have to do is click here and lose yourself in the madness, thanks to Instagram’s location search.

Pretty cool, considering you won’t get so much as a speck of sand in your shoes.