The Daily Beast Presents Truther, Episode 2

Listen to Episode 2 of Truther with Erin Gloria Ryan, Ben Collins and Gideon Resnick.

Photo Illustration by Alex Brook Lynn/The Daily Beast

Who is doing the tapping? Somebody is doing the tapping, Don.

Today on Truther, Gideon Resnick, Erin Ryan and Ben Collins tell you who that is, and how it’s likely nobody.

Truther is a Daily Beast podcast that tell you how conspiracies get started in real-time. This week is easy, because the president tweeted this one.

Is he being tapped by a nameless, faceless Deep State? Does he believe it’s a shiny new Barack Obama-endorsed Deep State, or is it the same Deep State that some people and about 7 trillion YouTube videos taped in dank basements allege killed JFK?

Also, more importantly, what is the Spanish word for student desk?

Find out today on Truther.

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