Cracking the Conservative Entertainment Complex?

The Daily Caller Reviews WHY ROMNEY LOST

The ice cracks? The Daily Caller has posted a (negative) review of Why Romney Lost, accompanied by some personal aspersions upon its author.

The review is not a very substantial one, but it has two great merits that call for applause.

First, it exists. Over the past four years, most of the conservative media have reacted to the arguments I've advanced with some version of "La, la, la, I can't hear you."

Second, the reviewer appears to have read - or at least looked at - the internal pages of Why Romney Lost. That's a big improvement over my last review in the Daily Caller, of my novel Patriots, where the reviewer acknowledged in his very first paragraph that he had not bothered to read the book at all.

Progress, when it comes, comes slow. But progress of any kind is welcome.