‘The Daily Show’ Mocks Fox News’ Fawning Reviews of Trump’s SOTU

Trevor Noah also made fun of Eric and Don Jr. for saying their hands got “sore” from so much clapping.

Comedy Central

On his live broadcast Tuesday night, Trevor Noah accused Donald Trump of pulling an “All Lives Matter” on the DREAMers. Tonight, he dedicated the first part of The Daily Show to picking apart Fox News’ response to the president’s first State of the Union address.

“The totally objective reviews are in and it was officially the most bestest,” Noah said, before playing a montage of Fox personalities praising the speech.

Sean Hannity called it “probably, by far the best speech he ever gave,” while the hosts of Fox & Friends lauded Trump for using the word “America” a whopping 82 times in the 90-minute address.

“They say that as if America gets a royalty check every time someone says her name,” Noah said. “They say that like Obama never referred to America by name,” he added, imagining the 44th president shouting-out “the United States of, uh, you know who I’m talking about.”

“And by the way,” he added, “if you get mad when people say Donald Trump is like a little child, then maybe you shouldn’t grade his speeches on a kindergarten chalkboard.”

“But the group of people who truly loved last night’s speech the most all coincidentally had the last name Trump,” Noah said. Donald Trump Jr. talked about how his “legs got a workout” from standing up over and over again and Eric Trump said his hands were “sore” from clapping.

“Wow, his hands were sore from touching each other,” the host said. “That is how you know someone grew up rich. Those kids probably had their own clapping butler.”

“Republicans make it sound like they didn’t have a choice to stand up and clap,” Noah continued. “Like it was their first boner. ‘Oh my god, what’s happening to my hand? Why is my body doing this?’”

The host ended his segment by surprising everyone when he gave the president’s speech a genuine compliment. “Yesterday Trump’s reading was really good. Yeah, like you guys can hate, but I was so proud of him, especially when you look at how far he has come,” Noah said. “Now that is an A+.”