The U.K. Can Cancel Brexit, Top European Court Rules

Europe’s top court has ruled that Britain can cancel Brexit without getting permission from the other 27 EU members. The ruling from the European Court of Justice says the U.K. can decide at any time to call off Brexit if such a move was approved through a “democratic process” such as another referendum, a general election, or a vote in parliament. Should the U.K. decide to cancel Brexit, it would maintain the same opt-outs and benefits it currently has as part of the EU, the ruling states. The landmark judgment comes a day before members of parliament are due to vote on Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal. They are widely expected to reject the terms agreed upon between May and EU leaders. The European Court of Justice said it made the ruling to “clarify the options open to MPs” ahead of the vote. The campaigners who raised the legal case hope their victory will increase the chances of Brexit being called off completely, but the British government insists the U.K. will leave the EU on schedule next March.