The Word ‘America’ Spelled Wrong on Trump’s D.C. Hotel Menu

The hotel Trump touted during Monday night’s debate just spelled ‘America’ as ‘Amerrica.’

Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post via Getty

Make “Amerrica” Great Again?

Debate-themed menus at the Benjamin Bar & Lounge, the lobby bar of Donald Trump’s new Trump International Hotel Washington D.C., spelled the word “America” wrong.

Specifically, if you ordered the “Benjamin beer silver bucket,” priced at $100 per person, you would be treated to “unlimited Amerrica beer.”

Also on the menu? “Trump sliders” and “Hillary hummus,” both for $29 bucks a pop.

The error was spotted and posted to Facebook by former Breitbart spokesperson Kurt Bardella, who said he watched the debate at the hotel “as a gesture of irony.”

In an even more ironic turn, Trump spent a minute of Monday’s presidential debate with Hillary Clinton plugging the very hotel where the error was spotted.

To illustrate his claim that there are “tens of thousands of people that are unbelievably happy and that love me,” Trump mentioned that he was “just opening up” a new hotel “on Pennsylvania Avenue, right next to the White House.”

“We’re opening the Old Post Office,” Trump said at the debate. “Under budget, ahead of schedule, saved tremendous money. I’m a year ahead of schedule, and that’s what this country should be doing.”

During the 2012 presidential campaign, Republican candidate Mitt Romney was widely criticized for misspelling “America” as “Amercia” in parts of his campaign’s official iPhone app, then misspelling Ronald Reagan’s last name during a campaign slideshow.