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These Skills Will Help You Further Your Career in 2018

10 discounted courses to do whenever works for you.

Here we go again. A new year means new wave of resolutions, so let’s make them practical ones. Count 2018 as the year that you’ll land that dream job or get the promotion you’ve been angling for — and let these online courses help you get there. These courses let you forego a traditional classroom and get a solid education in coding, analytics, business, marketing, design, and video. (Not to mention, you can do it all on a timetable that makes sense for you.) Check out the essentials below.

Coding & Analytics

Ultimate All-Level Excel Bootcamp

You might hate Excel a little bit, but it's probably pretty useful — or even essential — to your career and does actually get easier with practice. This Excel bootcamp will have you crunching numbers like the best of them, teaching you how to create, dissect and augment data like a pro. Not only will this bootcamp make you better in your current job, you could impress future employers with each pivot table and Vlookup.

Buy here for $35, or 85% off the usual price of $249. Take an additional 17% off with code BESTOF17.

The Complete iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course: Build 20 Apps

With the recent release of iOS 11, now is the perfect time to beef up your development resume, or learn a valuable new skill that's in-demand with employers. With this iOS 11 development course, you'll get hands-on practice building 20 functional apps. The purpose is multifold: you get to dig into Swift, Apple's official programming language, and build a portfolio you can show off during interviews.

Buy here for $10, or 95% off. Take an additional 17% off with code BESTOF17.

2017 WordPress Hero Bundle

WordPress — a content management system that's behind blogs, e-commerce websites, professional business sites and more — powers a quarter of the world's websites. Become a WordPress expert with this seven-course bundle, and learn how to build your own website, make custom developments on WordPress, build an e-commerce site from scratch and more.

Buy here for whatever price you want, up to 99% off the original price of $1,243.

Complete Data Science Certification Training Bundle

There's a huge demand right now for strong analytics professionals across a range of industries, thanks to an uptick in the amount of data being produced in companies across the board. This data science certification training digs into the conceptual and technical skills you need to succeed in this field, including lessons in R programming, Hadoop, Python, and Tableau.

Buy here for $49, or 92% off the original price of $699. Take an additional 17% off with code BESTOF17.

Business & Marketing

The Complete Digital Marketing Course 2017

There might be a million ways to reach an audience these days, but not all of them are relevant. Pick out the best platforms, tools, and strategies of the trade with this comprehensive digital marketing training: it combines twelve courses to give you almost 20 hours of lectures, quizzes and hands-on practice with the most important digital marketing tools available. You'll learn the skills you need to set your business or resume apart from the rest of the pack.

Buy here for $19, or 90% off the original price of $200. Take an additional 17% off with code BESTOF17.

'Start a Side Business' Bundle

If you ever go shopping on Amazon and think you might want to try your hand at selling in the marketplace, this ten-course bundle shows you the easiest way to start your own e-commerce side business. From selling on Amazon and Alibaba to importing from China, this bundle dives into the specifics so you can be successful in an otherwise tricky business.

Buy here for whatever price you want — up to 99% off the usual price of $1,826.

An Entire MBA in 1 Course

Want the gist of an MBA education without paying the traditional MBA tuition (or spending the traditional amount of time in a program)? This course crams an MBA into its teachings, with lectures from an experienced former Goldman Sachs employee and venture capitalist. Using both theory and concrete examples, you'll learn how to launch a company from scratch, network for customers, and raise money quickly.

Buy here for $15, or 92% off the usual price of $200. Take an additional 17% off with code BESTOF17.

eduCBA Project Management & Quality Management Bundle

For the process-oriented and efficiency-obsessed, project management could just be the new career waiting for you in 2018 — and this project management and quality management bundle includes 68 courses on PM techniques, 22 on quality management strategies and 17 on Agile and Scrum methods. That basically sets you up to tackle the tech world, or just about any other specialized industry in the field.

Buy here for $39, or 98% off the original price. Take an additional 17% off with code BESTOF17.

Video & Design

Graphic Design Certification School: Lifetime Subscription

This graphic design certification school trains you how to use three essential tools of the trade: Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. From creating and editing images to designing typefaces and creating special effects in graphics, this three-course bundle is essential for anyone looking to beef up their design skills and become a more valuable creative.

Buy here for $39, or 96% off the original price of $1,197. Take an additional 17% off with code BESTOF17.

Videography Bootcamp

If you've bee dying to make your passion for shooting cool film into a career, then this eight-course videography bundle can set you on that path. It includes 33.5 hours of instruction in Adobe Premiere Pro, DSLR video production, cinematography, drone photography, green screen mechanics and more — basically, everything you need to know to produce professional videos as a trade.

Buy here for $39, or 97% off. Take an additional 17% off with code BESTOF17.

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