Three Far-Right Figures Were Denied Entry to the U.K.

Three far-right personalities were denied entry to the U.K. because they weren't deemed “conducive to the public good,” the Home Office told BuzzFeed News. Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone, and Lauren Southern were all detained by border forces at points of entry to Britain. According to their accounts, they were detained, interrogated, and then “banned” from Britain. Sellner, leader of pan-European Generation Identity, and Pettibone, an American YouTuber, were detained at Luton Airport Friday after Sellner announced that a speech he was giving in London had been cancelled. They both left England Sunday after being denied entry, and were allegedly “detained by U.K. immigration authorities for three days.” On Sunday, Lauren Southern tweeted a photo at the French-British border from the back of a police car, claiming she'd been detained. Several hours later, she tweeted that she was “officially banned from UK for ‘racism.’” Both Pettibone and Southern reportedly received letters from the Home Office saying their intended actions were a “serious threat to the fundamental interests of society.” Sellner, Pettibone, and Southern all went aboard a ship last year in the Mediterranean Sea in an attempt to stop NGO rescue boats from rescuing migrants. They had to be rescued by an NGO ship after no ports would take them in.