‘Thrill Kill’ Newlyweds Charged

Married in October. Allegedly murdered someone in November. Arrested and charged in December. Talk about moving fast. Newlywed couple Elytte and Miranda Barbour allegedly returned to the scene of a grisly murder they committed in Pennsylvania to watch as police searched for evidence, according to a longtime friend of Elytte’s. Elytte, 22, and Miranda, 18, have been charged in the murder of Troy LaFerrara, 42, whose body was found in Sunbury, Pa., on Nov. 20. Elytte has reportedly confessed that “they just wanted to murder someone together.” The pair allegedly lured LaFerrara to their home via Craigslist by offering Miranda up as an escort, and then Elytte allegedly strangled LaFerrara with a belt and then Miranda stabbed him more than 20 times. The couple then allegedly went to a Harrisburg strip club, before returning to watch police at the crime scene.