Truck Driver in 2018 Crash With Amtrak Carrying GOP Congressmen Goes Free

The man accused of causing a fatal collision with an Amtrak train carrying members of Congress in Jan. 2018 was acquitted Wednesday, according to The Richmond Times-Dispatch. Dana Naylor Jr., 31, was initially accused of involuntary manslaughter and maiming while under the influence for allegedly driving a garbage truck across train tracks while an Amtrak train carrying GOP congressmen to a retreat was crossing. The resulting crash killed one passenger in the truck, and severely injured another. At least one congressman, Rep. Jason Lewis (R-MN), was also hospitalized. The DUI charge was dropped Wednesday, the Times-Dispatch notes, after related evidence was deemed inadmissible, and Naylor was eventually found not guilty on the manslaughter charge after approximately five hours of jury deliberation.