Report: Trump Demands Loyalty Oath From Job Seekers Who Criticized Him During Election

President Trump has reportedly scrutinized and demanded loyalty from people up for administration positions after they criticized him during the campaign, The Washington Post reports. Attorney General Jeff Sessions wanted Sarah Isgur Flores as “his top spokeswoman,” but Flores reportedly had to “kowtow” to Trump personally before getting the gig. According to sources, Flores “told the president she was on board with his agenda and would be honored to serve him” in the Oval Office after she “repeatedly” criticized him in the 2016 primary. Two of Vice President Pence’s picks, Jerry Hendrix and Jon Lerner, were allegedly nixed when an anti-Trump tweet from Hendrix was found and after Trump learned Lerner worked for a group that attacked him during the election. Sources also told the Post that the president and the administration would often announce selections for posts “before they are fully vetted,” and at times would not be vetted properly if “a candidate has high-level approval.”