Trump Losing Patience With Bolton After Venezuela Coup Failure: Report

Donald Trump is growing increasingly angry at John Bolton over the failure to oust Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, complaining that his own officials misled him about how easy it would be to overthrow him, The Washington Post reports. Trump is said to be aiming his anger at his national security adviser, accusing him of trying to pull Trump “into a war” with Venezuela and its allies. Officials have told the newspaper the chances of Maduro making a swift exit have decreased and that Trump is annoyed about having to be involved for the “long haul.” Trump reportedly complained over the past week that Bolton and others underestimated Maduro, who the president has described as a “tough cookie.” Meanwhile, Venezuelan security forces arrested the vice president of the country’s opposition-controlled congress Wednesday. Edgar Zambrano was towed in his car to a political prison after he refused to leave his vehicle when he was approached by the agents.