Trump: Migrants Will Camp on Front Lawns if Gillum Wins in Florida

President Trump on Saturday told supporters that migrants will end up “camping out on lawns” if Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum wins the upcoming election. Speaking at a rally in Pensacola, Florida, Trump said Gillum, who could become Florida’s first black governor, is “not equipped” for the job. “It’s not for him,” he said, after dubbing Gillum a “radical socialist.” He went on to claim Gillum wants to “flood your cities with criminal aliens.” “Gillum pledged his support to end all borders. Do you believe that? End borders. So when you have people camping out on your front lawn, remember Gillum. That’s what’ll happen,” he said.  The president appeared to be referring to Gillum’s support for a “comprehensive immigration overhaul” that would replace ICE with a “more compassionate and focused agency” than the one he said Trump has turned “into a police and child separation agency.”