Trump: North Korea’s Denuclearization Process ‘Starting Very Quickly’

President Trump has hailed his meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un as a glowing success but offered few details on what progress was made. After announcing the signing of an unspecified agreement that he described only as “very important” and “pretty comprehensive,” Trump said the two sides would be “starting that process [of denuclearization] very quickly.” He did not specify if Kim had agreed to complete denuclearization but praised the North Korean leader as “a very worthy and very smart negotiator.” After hours of talks, he also called Kim, whom he’d once mocked as “little rocket man,” a “very talented man,” saying he’d “absolutely” invite him to the White House. Earlier, he told reporters the summit went “better than anybody could have expected.” Trump reportedly pulled out all the stops to impress his North Korean counterpart, at one point stopping to show off the the interior of his presidential limousine.