Trump on NATO: ‘We Have to Walk’

At a Monday night rally, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump remained firm on his controversial NATO comments last week, saying the U.S. should give the member nations an ultimatum. “I want them to pay,” he told the crowd. “They don’t pay us what they should be paying! We lose on everything. Folks, we lose on everything.” He added, “We have to walk. Within two days they’re calling back! ‘Get back over here, we’ll pay you whatever the hell you want.’” Trump said Hillary Clinton wasn’t the right person for secretary of State and that she’s responsible for poor negotiations. “They will pay us if the right person asks,” he said. “That’s the way it works, folks. That’s the way it works.”

The same night, Trump said he prefers not to say “Muslim” when singling out groups to block from immigrating to the U.S. On Fox News, The Donald said he’s “talking about territories.” He added, “People don’t want me to say Muslim. I prefer not saying it frankly, myself. So we’re talking about territories.” Trump said that anyone advocating for taking in refugees is “stupid.” He added, “I don’t know. Our leaders, people that do this, they’re stupid people.”