Trump Planted 5 Stories About Royals Moving Into Trump Tower: CNN

Between 1981 and 1995, President Trump planted at least five fake stories in New York tabloids alleging that members of the British royal family were considering moving into his properties, CNN reported Wednesday. The stories were allegedly spread by the real-estate mogul himself, according to biographies of the president. Trump even reportedly spread a rumor in 1983 that Prince Charles and Princess Diana were looking at buying an apartment in Trump Tower. All of the reports, however, were shut down by Buckingham Palace. Despite those denials, Trump told Howard Stern in 1993 that Princess Diana was once again looking to buy an apartment in Trump Tower. “I hope she’s looking at—she is really hot. She has gained 20-25 pounds, she looks great,” Trump reportedly said on the Howard Stern Show. “There could be a love interest. I’d become King of England. King of England. I’d have to leave, I’d have to lose the New York accent quickly.”