Trump Takes a Jab at California Politicians for Daring to ‘Complain’ When Wildfires Erupt

President Trump took a jab at California politicians on Friday for “complaining” about wildfires, less than a year after dozens were killed in a massive blaze. “California’s always the first one to complain. And I don’t mean the people of California. They’re fantastic. I’m talking about the politicians in California. They complain,” he said, according to CNN. “When their forests go up, they complain. They gotta take care of their forests a lot better. But when the wall—they want the wall in San Diego and they’re always the first one. They were the first one to pull the National Guard. And they need the National Guard,” he said during a visit to the border in Calexico. California had the largest and deadliest wildfire in the state's history last year, destroying homes and killing more than 75 people. The state is also one of 16 states to file a lawsuit against the Trump administration's national emergency declaration to fund the wall along the southern border.