Trump Wanted Accusers to Confront Bill Clinton Live at the Debate

Donald Trump’s campaign team reportedly tried to psych out Hillary Clinton during Sunday night’s presidential debate by seating Bill Clinton’s sexual-assault accusers in the Trump family’s VIP box at the event. The Washington Post said multiple sources involved in the conversation relayed that the Commission on Presidential Debates intervened in the plan, which was initially crafted by campaign chief Stephen K. Bannon and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner. Trump’s plan was to have the women walk into the debate hall at the same time as the former president and to have them confront him in front of a live national televised audience. Officials from the commission reportedly thwarted that attempt and threatened to have the women removed if the campaign placed them in Trump’s family box. “We were going to put the four women in the VIP box,” former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani told the Post. “We had it all set. We wanted to have them shake hands with Bill, to see if Bill would shake hands with them.” Instead, they were seated in the larger audience, but the women were still given screen time.