Two More OSU Wrestlers Say Rep. Jim Jordan Must Have Known About Sexual Abuse

Two more former Ohio State University wrestlers have come forward saying that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) had to have some knowledge about the Dr. Richard Strauss’ alleged sexual abuse against the team, NBC News reports. Reid Delman said that he “can’t imagine” Jordan, who was an assistant coach for the team at the time Strauss was the team’s doctor, not knowing about the doctor’s allegedly inappropriate behavior. “To me that doesn’t make sense that they would not have known,” he said. Another wrestler, Michael Alf, said he believed that Jordan “did not think or know [they] were in danger” but recognized that he must have heard the locker room talk about Strauss. On a conference call with Jordan, Alf said the wrestlers “were wondering why he didn’t just admit that he heard all the joking about Doc Strauss but didn’t put it together that something bad was going on.” Jordan has vehemently denied knowing anything about the alleged abuse and recently called CNN “#fakenews” for contacting former team members.