Two More Women Accuse Nelly of Sexual Assault

Two Nelly fans have come forward to accuse the rapper of groping, sexual assault, and masturbating in front of them in court papers filed by a third accuser this week.

Jeff Kravitz/Getty

Months after the rapper Nelly was accused of rape, two other women have come forward to say he sexually assaulted them after his concerts.

Police arrested Nelly in October after Seattle college student Monique Greene called 911 and said he raped her on his tour bus.

Greene dropped charges days later, and filed a lawsuit accusing Nelly of sexual assault and defamation. The 22-year-old halted the district attorney’s probe because “she believes the system is going to fail her,” her attorney said at the time.

Now court papers filed this week claim the 43-year-old performer—born Cornell Haynes Jr.—preyed on female fans by inviting them to his dressing room, touching them inappropriately and, in some cases, masturbating in front of them.

In an amended complaint filed in King County, Washington, Greene described how an invitation from Nelly and his entourage became a nightmare.

The document also described how, in 2016 and 2017, Nelly allegedly assaulted two other fans in England, identified as Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2. The women say Nelly taunted them, calling one of them a “cunt,” after she refused to have sex with him.

One accuser is a mother in a committed relationship and a sergeant in the U.S. military, said Greene’s attorney, Karen K. Koehler. The other is a young English mom who doesn’t want to be haunted by happened to her, Koehler said.

“They didn’t ask for this,” Koehler told The Daily Beast.

“You’re hanging out with the artist and it’s fun,” Koehler added of her clients, “and then things change ... in an instant.”

Koehler added that on Wednesday, police in England had been in touch about the new allegations.

More accusers could soon come forward, according to Greene’s attorney.

Koehler told The Daily Beast that “more than two” other women contacted her with claims stemming back to the early 2000s. Those accusers, however, have not given permission to share their stories.

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Nelly’s attorney has not returned The Daily Beast’s messages seeking comment.

Greene’s amended complaint requests an injunction against “Nelly (and his penis) that prohibits him from engaging in sexual assault against female fans.”

According to the lawsuit, the Grammy-winning rapper treated VIP events and fan photo-ops after concerts as his own hookup service.

Nelly’s modus operandi, the complaint alleges, was to target women of color “with beautiful faces and curvy figures” in the audience and in the venues.

A member of Nelly’s entourage would invite a woman and her friends to his VIP section, or offer her a ride to an afterparty. He would then make an effort to “separate the woman from her friends,” court papers allege.

Nelly masturbated in front of the women, believing they “were drawn to and could not resist his penis,” the complaint claims. The musician also expressed a desire to ejaculate on the women and “appears to have been particularly attracted to women who were resistant,” according to court documents.

The rapper believed that exposing himself would entitle him to sex, the lawsuit claims, and if a woman resisted, he would allegedly sexually accost or assault her.

One unnamed accuser—Jane Doe 1, a married mother in the U.S. military—was assaulted by Nelly in June 2016, the complaint claims. (Koehler told The Daily Beast this alleged encounter occurred at KOKO in London.)

Jane Doe and a girlfriend bought VIP tickets to see Nelly and take a photo with him. When they got their snap, Nelly’s security detail allegedly invited the women to a VIP area where the rapper was meeting with fans.

The room was crowded, and Nelly suggested the women join him in a smaller VIP room, the lawsuit states. Jane Doe and her friend spent two hours hanging out before Nelly welcomed them to an afterparty.

Nelly allegedly sat on a table and looked down at Jane Doe. According to the lawsuit, Nelly told her, “Let me see it.”

“What?” Jane Doe asked. She soon realized Nelly expected to have sex with her and felt disappointed and disgusted, the complaint alleges. “I thought we were too cool for this,” the woman told him.

Jane Doe showed the rapper her wedding ring when he asked if she had “a boo.” They’d already been talking about military life and family, the lawsuit alleges, and Nelly knew Jane Doe was married.

The accuser says Nelly got close to her, rubbed her leg and put his hand up her dress without her consent. When she firmly removed Nelly’s hand from under her skirt, he allegedly said, “Hold on, hold on, it doesn’t need to be like that.”

When Jane Doe 1 tried to leave the room, Nelly allegedly shut the door. She tried to exit a second time and he closed the door again, the complaint says.

Security arrived and asked if everything was all right, and Jane Doe and her friend left. “Though [Nelly] didn’t get the chance to violate her further, his actions that night were reprehensible,” the lawsuit states.

Meanwhile, a second accuser says Nelly masturbated in front of her and assaulted her until she escaped his dressing room.

In December, Jane Doe 2 and her girlfriends were celebrating her birthday at a Nelly concert in Cliffs Pavilion in Essex, England.

After the show, they waited in line for a photo. When Jane Doe got her turn, Nelly hugged her closely and asked her to stay behind so they could talk, the lawsuit says.

The woman laughed and started walking away, but her friends encouraged her to wait, hardly believing their luck in hanging out with a celebrity. Jane Doe suspected her friends had arranged something special for her birthday.

But when all the fans left, Nelly allegedly told Jane Doe to come to his dressing room. She and her friends followed him, but a security guard put up his arm; her friends weren’t allowed to come along, the complaint states.

The woman refused to proceed until Nelly allowed her friends, too, court papers allege.

Nelly then allegedly invited Jane Doe to a small adjoining room with a shower. They briefly talked, and the woman left, saying she wanted to check on her friends.

According to the lawsuit, Nelly followed her and invited her to his tour bus, which was heading to a party in Nottingham. When the woman declined his offer, Nelly allegedly asked to speak to her again in the shower room.

Once they were alone, Nelly shut the door and dropped his pants, the lawsuit says. Jane Doe told him to pull his trousers up. Then, the complaint alleges, Nelly began masturbating and told her, “You want this dick, don’t you.”

Nelly told the woman “she wanted him, that every woman wanted him,” the lawsuit states.

Jane Doe, making light of the encounter, informed him he picked the wrong woman.

“No, no, no, come on, you know you want it,” Nelly allegedly repeated.

Nelly then put his hands down Jane Doe’s top and tried to pull it off, without her consent, the complaint alleges.

Jane Doe “tried to diffuse the situation” and told Nelly she had a spouse and kids, the lawsuit says.  But Nelly allegedly told her that didn’t matter.

According to the lawsuit, the petite, 4-foot-11 woman tried to back away from Nelly but couldn’t find a way out of the room. The performer again dropped his pants and began masturbating again, telling her “she wanted him,” the complaint says.

Nelly tried to kiss her and told her he wanted to ejaculate on her, but she continued to refuse him, the lawsuit says.

Jane Doe says Nelly grabbed her hand and put it on his penis. She pulled away and warned him, “That’s enough. Who the fuck do you think you are.”

Nelly clenched his fist and his facial expression scared Jane Doe, the lawsuit says. “Are you going to hit me?” she asked, to which he allegedly replied, “No, I’m just frustrated. I’m not used to not getting my way. Just do it.”

Nelly then forced her head down and put his erect penis into her mouth, the lawsuit says.

Jane Doe was in shock over the sexual assault, court papers state.

The woman jumped back and fell into the shower curtain. As she scrambled out of the room, the complaint says, Nelly yelled, “Cunt!”

Jane Doe reunited with her friends and as they left, Nelly grabbed her and threatened her, saying, “I will find you,” the lawsuit alleges.

If Jane Doe’s friends weren’t next door, the sexual assault would have progressed, the complaint says.

“She considered going to the police but felt that she would not be believed,” the complaint says.

Nelly’s arrest

Monique Greene, then 21 years old, worked at Seattle nightclub Aston Manor and decided to hang with friends there on her day off.

It was Oct. 6, 2017, and Nelly was performing. In between sets, he kept to a roped-off section of the venue, the lawsuit states.

At one point in the night, Nelly spotted Greene, a senior at the University of Washington who worked and went to school full time. A member of his entourage approached Greene and invited her to join the rapper’s VIP section.

Greene, who had been drinking and was under the influence, accepted the invitation. Her girlfriend joined her.

Later on, the friends were invited to an after party. According to the lawsuit, Nelly told Greene she shouldn’t drive because she’d been drinking. He arranged for their transportation with his crew, which was split among three SUVs.

Nelly rode with Greene and her friend.

When the women arrived at 2:30 a.m., they realized the after party was actually on a tour bus parked in Walmart shopping center in Auburn, Washington.

Greene’s friend, who wanted to leave, was carted off in one of the SUVs.

The tour bus had other women, so Greene felt safe to join the party, the lawsuit says.

But, according to the lawsuit, Nelly took Greene to his bedroom at the back of the bus, and masturbated in front of her and sexually assaulted her.

Nelly has denied the allegations both on Twitter and through statements provided by his attorney.

Nelly “began masturbating, closed the door, and sexually assaulted Ms. Greene against her will and after Ms. Greene refused to consent,” the complaint alleges. “This included oral sex and penetrating her with his penis.”

Greene tried to stop Nelly by saying he couldn’t have sex with her without a condom. She told him no again, but he was undeterred, the lawsuit says.

After the assault, Greene headed to the bathroom. When she exited, Nelly continued masturbating and wanted her to have sex again, court papers allege.

Before and after the alleged assault, Nelly asked Greene to stay with him for the weekend and eventually offered her $2,500 to do so. She told him no, and that she had a job and was in school, the complaint says.

According to Greene’s account, she was becoming increasingly upset and yelled that she wanted to get off the tour bus. In response, Nelly’s entourage allegedly shouted that Greene was a problem and needed to leave.

Greene was shoved off the bus, and Nelly allegedly tossed a $100 bill at her.

“Bye bye,” Nelly allegedly said as he closed the bus door, then taunted her from the window as she stood alone in the Walmart parking lot.

Greene called an Uber, which arrived at 3:45 a.m. The driver agreed to wait as she called 911 from the same parking lot.

When police arrived, Greene provided a recorded statement. She signed a medical release form and completed a rape kit at a local hospital, the lawsuit says.

Cops arrested Nelly for second-degree rape when he emerged from the bus. Officers smelled “the odor of intoxicants” coming from him, the lawsuit said, and they had difficulty holding a conversation with the rapper.

Cops believed Nelly was being vague about what happened, the complaint alleges. He allegedly told police that his encounter with Greene was “consensual.”

Authorities asked Nelly if he used a condom, and he said he didn’t, the lawsuit said.

Members of Nelly’s entourage who were on the bus declined to identify themselves to police, court papers allege. One security member allegedly told police that said no one would speak to officers or identify themselves.

Nelly was released hours after his arrest and no charges were filed, his attorney, Scott Rosenblum, said at the time. Upon his release, Nelly issued a statement through Rosenblum that called Greene’s account “completely fabricated.”

“Our initial investigation, clearly establishes the allegation is devoid of credibility and is motivated by greed and vindictiveness. I am confident, once the scurrilous accusation is thoroughly investigated, there will be no charges,” the statement said.

On social media, Nelly said he was “completely innocent.”

“I am confident that once the facts are looked at, it will be very clear that I am the victim of a false allegation. I also want to thank my fans for their unwavering support. They know me. I assure you I will be vindicated. And I assure you, I will pursue every legal option to address this defaming claim,” Nelly said in a Twitter post.

Meanwhile, through his attorney, Nelly told TMZ that Greene was after “money, fame and notoriety.” He added, “She’s a person who is making a dangerous, fraudulent allegation to accomplish her own goals.”

Greene’s lawsuit says Nelly’s statements “constituted intimidation of a witness.”

Greene fell victim to “horrific online attacks,” the lawsuit says, following Nelly’s denials and after police issued a statement to the media.

On Oct. 13, Greene informed Auburn police and King County prosecutors that she wanted to drop the investigation and wouldn’t testify further. “She felt that she could not stand up against a celebrity and that the criminal system would fail her,” the lawsuit states.

Two days later, Alyssa Milano posted #MeToo on Twitter and sparked a movement against endemic sexual assault women face.

In December, prosecutors issued a statement announcing the investigation was closed. They could not move forward without Greene’s assistance, they said.

Nelly publicized his own statement afterward, calling himself the real victim in the ordeal.

“A thorough investigation did show Nelly was a victim of deceitful allegation devoid of credibility,” the press release said, in part.

“Nelly supports various women’s advocacy groups that deal with Sexual Assault …. However, this type of reckless false allegation cannot be tolerated as it is an affront to the real survivors of sexual assault,” the statement continued.

Greene was forced to drop her fall classes at the University of Washington because of the trauma surrounding the Nelly incident. (She has since re-enrolled, her attorney says, but before the alleged assault was scheduled to graduate early.)

Koehler described Greene as a low-key Pacific Northwest girl, who was private and never wanted to be thrust into the spotlight.

“Her world has completely changed,” Koehler told The Daily Beast.