‘Unite the Right’ Organizer Jason Kessler Pledges to Discourage Violence at Future Rallies

The lead organizer of last year’s deadly “Unite the Right” rally has signed a promissory decree pledging to “actively discourage” organized or militarized action at any future protests in Charlottesville, according to ABC13. The decree resolves a lawsuit brought by Georgetown Law’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection, and mandates that Jason Kessler and a series of other defendants “not facilitate, but will instead actively discourage, organized, armed paramilitary activity at any future rallies in Charlottesville” in exchange for avoiding a trial in state court.

Prior to the promissory decree, Kessler and other organizers stood accused of “solicit[ing] alt-right attendees to form military-style shield walls, invit[ing] private militias to provide security for the rally, h[olding] group-wide planning calls, and circulat[ing] an instructional document entitled ‘General Orders.’” While the ex-defendants are still allowed to attend future rallies, they are forbidden from returning “as part of a unit of two or more persons acting in concert while armed with a firearm, weapon, shield, or any item whose purpose is to inflict bodily harm, at any demonstration, rally, protest, or march.” Kessler will continue his lawsuit against Charlottesville, in an attempt to force the city to allow him to hold an anniversary rally this August.