U.S. Air Defense Operation Center Moved to Virginia After Hurricane Michael

Air security and defense for the United States has shifted its command center from Florida to Virginia after the current command center, Tyndall Air Force Base, was all but annihilated by Hurricane Michael, according to a Monday report from Stars and Stripes. “As you know Team Tyndall has taken a devastating hit from Hurricane Michael, and all of our missions have been affected,” First Air Force commander Lt. Gen. R. Scott Williams said in a Sunday statement. “While our operations must go uninterrupted, our top priority is to take care of all personnel assigned to First Air Force and their families in these very challenging times.” Tyndall Air Force base, which suffered “catastrophic” damage from the storm, has been redesignated as the Tyndall Recovery and Command and Control Center. The Northern and North American Aerospace Defense Command will now be run out of Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia. While the move is not permanent, Williams said he did not expect that operations will return to Florida before the end of the year.