Customs and Border Protection Database of Border Traveler Information Hacked in ‘Malicious Cyberattack’

Customs and Border Protection on Monday said a subcontractor was the target of a “malicious cyberattack” that compromised a database of “travelers and vehicles” that crossed the southern U.S. border. According to CBP spokesperson, “license-plate images and traveler images” were the subject of the hack into the subcontractor’s network. The photos of travelers and vehicles were from entrances and exits at a few Port of Entry lanes, with no identifying information included in the images. “Initial information indicates that the subcontractor violated mandatory security and privacy protocols outlined in their contract,” the statement read. “As of today, none of the image data has been identified on the Dark Web or internet.” The May 31 breach reportedly did not affect any of CBP’s own systems, and the agency is actively investigating the matter. Details of the breach comes as the Trump administration is reportedly beginning its rollout of the “biometric entry-exit system”—an effort to identify those who cross the border using recognition technology.