UT Dallas Bans Ex-Baylor Frat President Accused of Rape

Jacob Anderson, the former Baylor fraternity president who was charged with rape, was reportedly banned from University of Texas Dallas’ campus on Wednesday after students filed a petition warning the school could become his “new potential hunting ground.” Anderson, whose sentence of three years' probation sparked outrage earlier this week, was accused of drugging, restraining, and repeatedly raping a fellow student in 2016. He avoided jail time and will not have to register as a sex offender as part of a plea deal. University of Texas at Dallas President Richard Benson said in a statement late Wednesday that school authorities had decided to ban a certain unnamed student “based on recent court action and other information over the last several days.” “Two years ago we admitted a student without knowing their legal history,” he said, adding that the student “will not participate in UTD commencement activities, will not attend UT Dallas, and will not be present on campus as a student or as a guest.” When contacted by The Daily Beast, UT Dallas could not confirm if Anderson would still be allowed to graduate from the university, citing “federal regulations” outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. As of Wednesday evening, the petition to remove Anderson from campus had 21,580 signatures.