‘Vice Live’ Canceled by Vice Weeks After Debut

Vice canceled its flagship show, Vice Live, just weeks after its debut. Multiple sources told The Daily Beast that the millennial news company had canceled the new nightly show. In an email, the company did not say it was canceling the show but noted that it would be “breaking out some of the most popular talent and formats from Live,” including segments with rapper A$AP Twelvyy and hosts Zack Fox, Marie Faustin, and Fat Tony. “Thanks to everyone on the VICE Live team for their hard work and to everyone across the company for their support and creativity as we continue to bring unique perspectives and voices to television that can’t be found anywhere else… and keep taking big, bold experimental swings that only VICE would dare to do,” the company said in an email.

The new show hasn’t been without controversy. Vice Live staffers briefly walked out earlier this year following several disagreements with company management, primarily the company’s then refusal to provide transportation home for staffers, who worked late nights.

—Maxwell Tani