Video Proves Proud Boys Initiated October Attack on NY Antifa: NYT

Members of the alt-right Proud Boys initiated the Oct. 12 attack on several left-wing protesters in Manhattan that the group had claimed was started by counter-demonstrators, The New York Times reports. Previously unreleased footage seen by the Times reportedly contradicts the claims of Proud Boys founder Gavin McInness, who argued that his men were the victim of a leftist attack. The drama began shortly after McInnes spoke at The Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. While cops tried to keep protesters from interacting with Proud Boys members outside the venue, police say, a small group of left-wing protesters walked around the block to seek out some of the attendees. The black-and-white video footage of the encounter reportedly shows two men, Maxwell Hare and Geoffrey Young, charging at about six of the protesters. After one protester threw a water bottle at him, Hare started aggressively punching one of the men. Several men jumped in soon after, the Times reports, and the fighting went on for about a minute. Ten members of the group have since been arrested and charged in connection with the attack.