17 Injured as Evacuations Continue on Stricken Norway Cruise Ship

Seventeen cruise passengers were hospitalized with injuries after being airlifted off the Viking Sky cruise ship, which lost engine power in rough seas off the coast of Norway Saturday afternoon. The 47,800-ton vessel was just over 300 feet from a rocky shore when it stalled. Rescuers were able to airlift 463 of the 1,373 passengers, who were winched one at a time to helicopters hovering overhead, before the rescue operation was suspended early Sunday morning. The ship was then towed by tugboat to nearby Hustadsvika Bay where the rest of the passengers are being evacuated. The cruise ship was headed to London after visiting several Norwegian coastal towns when it lost power in three of four engines in a winter sea storm. Most of the passengers were American, British, Canadian, New Zealand and Australian, according to the Associated Press.