Boston Bombings

Was this the First Clue about the Boston Terrorists?

Was this the first warning of the Boston bombing?

From the Boston CBS affiliate, March 27 of this year:

Investigators are trying to find out who is making and setting off homemade bombs near a section of Route 53. Residents in that area have reported loud bangs and flashes of bright light.

On March 12, police found two unexploded bombs in a wooded area near Pine Street and Tower Hill Drive.

Captain Jim Gallagher says they want to get to the bottom of who is making them.

“They were simply small cardboard tubes, they are filled with what appears to be flash powder, they are sealed at the end with wax and they have a fuse inserted,” Gallagher told WBZ NewsRadio 1030. “We’re concerned they are able to get the components on the internet fairly readily and that’s what’s making it easy.”

Some of the devices have gone off and while the homemade bombs are small, they are powerful enough to kill someone.