When And What Is the White House Easter Egg Roll?

This year, the Trump family will host the 139th Easter Egg Roll. In theory. We take a look back at this silly ceremony.

Slow your roll, folks.

This year, on Monday, April 17, 2017, President Trump and his family are set to host thousands of people for the 139th annual White House Easter Egg Roll. But things aren’t looking great. The New York Times reported that this year’s Easter Egg Roll has been one of the most thrown together events within the White House. In fact, PBS’s senior director of media relations said they just got word of the event on March 20.

If the egg roll isn’t up to par, it’ll break a tradition dating back to 1878 under the presidency of Rutherford B. Hayes, making it one of the oldest traditions in White House history.

The first White House Easter Egg Roll was on April 22, 1878, after President Hayes decided to open the grounds to children who wanted to roll Easter eggs.

Over the years, presidents have added on to the event to create the Easter extravaganza it is today. In 1885, under President Grover Cleveland, children headed to the East Room for a private audience with the president. In 1889, President Benjamin Harrison brought music to the festivities, with the United States Marine Band playing while kids danced around the South Lawn.

The last addition occurred in 1969, when the Nixon administration introduced the official White House Easter Bunny–a special honor with which Press Secretary Sean Spicer is intimately acquainted.

Here’s to hoping the Trump administration doesn’t crack under pressure.