White Nationalist Jason Kessler Concedes Fight Over Charlottesville Anniversary Rally

White supremacist Jason Kessler ended his months-long crusade to hold a “Unite the Right” anniversary rally in Charlottesville Tuesday, after withdrawing his motion to overturn the city’s permit denial. CBS19 reports that after arriving 45 minutes late to his scheduled hearing, Kessler told the judge that he wanted to withdraw the motion, and the judge dismissed the case. The city first rejected Kessler’s permit months ago, causing him to sue—but with today’s withdrawal, the matter has been officially settled. Kessler still plans to proceed with his Plan B, however, and hold a rally in Washington, D.C. on August 11th and 12th. But as The Daily Beast has previously reported, leftist activists plan to counter-protest the event on a massive scale, with the aim of shutting down the rally entirely.