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Who Captured Mitt Romney's 47% Video Clip?

A friend forwards this story from the Miami New Times.

New Times has spoken with Anne Onymous, as the videographer wants to be known, for the first time. Though she declined to give a full interview or her real name, she did say this: "My motivations were pure. I saw Romney as dangerous and felt it was my duty to expose him."

But a look at months of her Twitter, YouTube, and other social media accounts gives hints about the person and the event that just might end up in the history books. The spark that started her filming wasn't outrage over inequality or taxes but rather the Republican's ties to a Hong Kong sweatshop called Global-Tech Appliances.

Of Anne Onymous's 449 tweets, nearly one in six detail Romney's Chinese connections. ...

Anne Onymous appears to be profoundly concerned about being identified — and, perhaps, rightfully so. On September 20, she tweeted, "RT Please! I'm about to be sued by a millionaire vulture. Does anyone know a good lawyer?"

Even today, more than a week after the election, trepidation over criminal prosecution lingers. (It's a third-degree felony to tape someone without their permission in Florida.) "It's been a long and nerve-racking couple of months," Onymous said before disappearing into the ether of the Internet.