Who Won the 2016 New Hampshire Primary?

The first-in-the-nation primary vote takes place Tuesday night in New Hampshire—watch here for live results.

Tuesday evening's New Hampshire first-in-the-nation primary vote is seen as a tone-setting race for the 2016 presidential primary season.

On the Democratic side, can Hillary Clinton give Bernie Sanders a run for his money in his own backyard? And for the Republicans, who will emerge as a runner-up to likely victor Donald Trump? Florida Sen. Marco Rubio seemed poised to do so, but then he had a poor debate performance. John Kasich is polling well, but still remains unpopular with the base. Chris Christie and Jeb Bush, while experiencing recent surges, might still be seen as too "establishment."

New Hampshire's polls open around 7 a.m. ET and close roughly 12 hours later, depending on the locality. This is a “mixed” primary, so registered Republicans and Democrats must vote in their respective races, while independents can swing either way they choose.

You can follow the Granite State results all-day Tuesday by keeping up with a few websites and news outlets. Politico has an interactive state map that will update in real-time. Manchester-based ABC affiliate WMUR-TV also has an interactive map as well as a minute-by-minute results chart.

It's also worth following local news outlets' Twitter feeds for on-the-ground reporting and updates in the vote. New Hampshire Union Leader will have a must-read thread:

As will New England Cable News:

And if none of those options provide the most adrenaline-rushing, eye-popping results, you can always tune into cable news coverage from CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC.