Hey, Alex Jones!

Why Won't I Tell the 'Truth' About the Bilderberg Meetings?

I'm flying this AM out of Winnipeg after a speech at the university there.

When I land, I'll offer some thoughts on why, no, I won't "Stand with Rand."

In the meantime, though, one highlight from last night's speech event. I enjoyed a lively interchange with students and faculty. At evening's end, two young men seized the microphones to press me on the secrets of the Bilderberg conclave. (Back in the 1990s, I attended some of the Bilderberg conferences, which makes me a target of much suspicious conjecture.) They demanded to know: why won't I reveal what goes on at Bilderberg's secret meetings?

(Footnote: Bilderberg meetings are not in fact very secret. Bilderberg publishes a summary of the discussions, but it does not identify the name of the person making any particular comment. )

A truthful answer to their question - actually, I don't remember very much that was said back then - was obviously not going to placate them.

I answered instead, "We decide whether the Jews or the Freemasons will rule the world …"

The audience laughed at that, so people missed the rest: "… in a winner-take-all game of beer pong."