Will and Kate's Wedding Cake Revealed

More details about the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton have emerged. They'll have two cakes: One will be a “multi-tiered traditional fruit cake” with a floral design, and the other will be a chocolate cookie cake that was William's childhood favorite. The main cake will be made by celebrity cake maker Fiona Cairns, who has also made cakes for Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd. It promises to be quite ornate, with several icing-covered, brandy-flavored tiers, each with a different theme, and detailed scrollwork, flowers, and other embellishments. Middleton took an active role in designing the cake, says Cairns. "She has guided us right from the beginning and has quite strong ideas," she said. "That makes it much easier than a bride who has absolutely no idea whatsoever, which has happened in the past. But she knew very much what she wanted and she brought us mood boards and told us what influences she would like us to use on the cake."