Facebook Held Talks With Zuckerberg’s Sworn Enemies the Winklevoss Twins Over New Currency, Says Report

Mark Zuckerberg might be forging a partnership with his most bitter enemies, the Winklevoss twins, in his quest to create a Facebook currency. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss notoriously sued Zuckerberg after accusing him of stealing their idea for Facebook while they were all at Harvard—events later immortalized in The Social Network. But the twins’ cryptocurrency exchange, appropriately called Gemini, seems to have attracted Zuck’s attention. The Financial Times reports Facebook has held talks with two cryptocurrency exchanges, including Gemini, about a possible tie-in with the currency Facebook hopes to create. A secretive team at Facebook has been working for over a year to to create the currency which, so the plan goes, will be used by Facebook users to send and receive money to and from their friends and purchase things they see in ads in their timelines.