Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Signs Bills Curbing Democratic Successor’s Power

Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s outgoing Republican governor, signed measures into law Friday that “diminish the power” of his recently elected Democratic successor, The New York Times reports. The measures give more power to Republican lawmakers and prevent Governor-elect Tony Evers from delivering on some of his campaign promises. According to the Times, the bills will curb Evers’ power in the “rule-making process” and give lawmakers most appointments on an “economic development board until next summer.” The lame-duck legislation will also reportedly limit early voting, limit the power of incoming Attorney General Josh Kaul, and allow lawmakers to “intervene in some lawsuits.” Evers has said he might file a lawsuit over the last-minute changes, and said that Walker has decided to “override the will of the people of Wisconsin.” Walker lost to Evers by about one percentage point in the November election.