Woman Accused of Burning Daughter

An Iraqi-born mother is on trial for beating and burning her 19-year-old daughter because she refused to go along with an arranged marriage. Yusra Fahran, 50, has pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault, unlawful imprisonment, and resisting arrest. Fahran is accused of burning her daughter’s face and chest with a hot spoon while the victim’s sisters held her down. “I swear I didn’t hurt her, only slightly, just like any parent would do to their children,” Fahran told a judge on Wednesday. The victim’s father, Mohammed Altameemi, and older sister are also on trial for the same charges and have pleaded not guilty to the crimes. Court records show that the burning incident occurred last November, but that the whole family has exhibited a pattern of repeated violence against the teen. Police say Altameemi admitted to trying to kill his daughter in February, cutting her neck with a knife, until her older sister intervened. Afterward, the mother and sisters allegedly taped the victim’s mouth, bound her hands and feet with rope before beating and burning her. She was reportedly taken to a hospital after having an epileptic seizure.