‘Yelp for Conservatives’ Pulled From App Store Over Security Flaws

An app promoted as “Yelp for conservatives”—to help people find Trump-friendly businesses—been pulled from app stores following allegations that security flaws in it exposed users’ personal information. 63red Safe allowed conservatives to review businesses and restaurants, with its Google Play description previously claiming that it helped conservatives “insure [sic] you’re safe when you shop and eat.” App founder and lifelong Republican Scott Wallace previously told The Daily Beast it was for Trump-supporters to find friendly places to eat and compared it to a political “fire inspector.” However, a French security researcher started a Twitter thread Monday detailing the ways in which the app exposed private user data. The app team reportedly called the FBI when the researcher exposed its security flaws. San Francisco Gate reports the 63red Safe app has since been taken down from the Apple and Google Play stores, with a promise that it is “Coming (back) soon!”