Art Isn’t Real

You Can Now Give Donald Trump a Working Heart

…in a surgeon simulator, inside a fictional video game.

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty

“You are the surgeon, Donald Trump is your patient.”

Uh oh.

So reads the description of a gameplay trailer posted to Youtube earlier today for a game titled “Surgeon Simulator: Inside Donald Trump”

Created by London-based game developers Bossa Studios, “Inside Donald Trump” is really just part of a larger anniversary update to “Surgeon Simulator 2013,” a darkly humorous first-person game where you have to perform surgery with notoriously hard-to-control hands.

Still, the Donald Trump mode offers way more details than your average add-on. According to the update’s description, you can ease Donald’s medicated sleep using Trump Vodka, gently caress him with a Trump Steak, and even loosen his organs with a miniature Trump Tower.

Part of the game seems to involve giving Trump a heart transplant, where you can choose to give him either a heart of gold or heart of stone.

In addition to nine unlockable “Trumptastic” achievements, you can also attempt to make The Donald’s face somewhat palatable by using a special make-up kit.

Bossa even teased a few other Trump-related surprises, “some of them involving hands.”

So are you ready to make surgery great again? You can purchase “Surgeon Simulator: Inside Donald Trump” as part of the “Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition” on Steam.