Petraeus to Get Tough

Obama's new Afghan commander has sailed through his confirmation hearings with a Senate vote of 99-0. Leslie H. Gelb, Tunku Varadarajan, Ken Allard, and Michael O'Hanlon on what's next for the general.

06.29.10 4:47 PM ET

Petraeus Locked Obama In
By Leslie H. Gelb

At this morning’s hearing, General Petraeus tamped down talk of an early withdrawal from Afghanistan—and warned of greater U.S. casualties to come.



A Turning Point in the War
By Tunku Varadarajan

General Petraeus’  hearings made President Obama a political hostage to his new Afghan commander—but also greatly improved U.S. chances of winning.



Confirmation: The Easy Part
By Ken Allard

After the confirmation love fest comes the hard part: Making progress in a region that hasn’t seen a military success since Genghis Khan. Retired Col. Ken Allard on the obstacles ahead for Petraeus.



The Key Date to Watch For
By Michael O'Hanlon

During the confirmation hearing for Gen. Petraeus, the thing to listen for was a date. Michael O’Hanlon on why President Obama agrees with Sen. McCain on Afghanistan.