Christopher Hitchens Articles in Newsweek Magazine

The writer was known for weighing in on all topics—no matter how controversial. From the presidents to religion to foreign policy, see some of Hitchens’ best work for Newsweek.

12.16.11 5:29 AM ET

Bring the Pope to Justice
Newsweek May 3, 2010
Christopher Hitchens argues that the pope should not be above the law and must be questioned in the Catholic Church's child-rape scandal.

Fool’s Gold
Newsweek February 15, 2010
Just in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics, Hitchens gives several examples of how the long-running world athletic competition brings out the worst sides of human nature.

Hitchens in 2007.

Paolo Pellegrin / Magnum

His charm, his way with words and his brilliant contentiousness have all been well cataloged, but Christopher Hitchens’s key quality was his ability to make common cause with the oppressed wherever he found them.

Palin’s Base Appeal
Newsweek November 23, 2009
Hitchens wonders if Sarah Palin actually wants to go to Washington to represent her Tea Party supporters and questions whether her political success would make her base seem any less fringe.

Underqualified for the Overrated
Newsweek October 19, 2009
On why President Obama did not deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

What Was Bill Thinking?
Newsweek October 5, 2009
Hitchens dissects journalist Taylor Branch’s book on Bill Clinton.

The Texas-Sized Debate Over Teaching Evolution
Newsweek April 6, 2009
The writer weighs in on the debate over Darwin’s place in the classroom.

The Pope’s Denial Problem
Newsweek February 9, 2009
Hitchens on Pope Benedict XVI’s move toward the far-right fringe.

The Man Who Made Us Whole
Newsweek January 19, 2009
A look at how we remember Abraham Lincoln.

A War Worth Fighting
Newsweek June 23, 2008
On why World War II was a necessary.

Dogmatic Doubter
Newsweek September 10, 2007
Hitchens takes on Mother Teresa.

Why North Korea is Number One
Newsweek July 9, 2001
On why the Democratic People’s Republic is the worst country in the world.