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10 Most Shocking Ideas in the New Ron Paul Newsletters

A new batch of Ron Paul newsletters makes it harder to buy the presidential candidate’s insistence he had nothing to do with them. From praise for racists to kooky AIDS theories, the most outrageous notions in this latest collection.

01.18.12 9:45 AM ET

Back in December, when The New Republic published a collection of incendiary excerpts from old newsletters written under Ron Paul’s name, the Texas congressman downplayed his involvement. And though the newsletters revealed a number of racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, Paul even downplayed their offensiveness, saying “probably 10 sentences out of 10,000 pages” are questionable.

But a newly released batch of Ron Paul newsletters suggests this estimate is more than slightly off. From praising tax evaders and racists to warning Americans to arm themselves against the coming “race war,” check out the most shocking statements in the latest slew of Paul missives.

1. Praising Racists

The newsletters, both the Ron Paul Survival Report and the Ron Paul Political Report, defend eugenics advocate Jared Taylor and former Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott, infamous for calling her team’s players “million dollar n----s,” saying “sneaky goddam Jews are all alike” and “only fruits wear earrings,” and praising Hitler’s role in Germany.

2. Warning of a FEMA Takeover

In November 1987 the Ron Paul Political Report warned readers of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s plan to impose martial law over American citizens. This particular Paul conspiracy theory alleges that “FEMA is now an integral part of Washington’s bureaucratic maze, and it stands ready to take full control of the country at the president’s request” and that it will “scrap the constitution and install military men in place of election officials at all levels” and “rule the economy by decree.”

3. Rockefeller as Villainous Mastermind

Another prominent villain in Paul’s conspiracy theories is David Rockefeller, who, the Political Report claims, strives for “a one-world government run by the power elite” and for whose benefit George H.W. Bush wanted a war with Saddam Hussein.

4. Thanks for an Article in Anti-Semitic Magazine

Though Paul has denied his involvement with these statements and theories, a thank-you letter to Mr. Amos W. Bruce for an article in The American Mercury—an anti-Semitic magazine owned by well-known Holocaust denier Willis Carto—was written by the representative himself, on congressional stationery. TNR points out that the issue of the magazine Paul praises in the letter includes articles such as “You Can’t Escape the Kosher Food Tax,” “Are You Ready for the White Man’s Doomsday,” and “Racism—Black African Style.”

5. AIDS Transmitted Through Sweat

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The topics of gays and AIDS are frequently addressed in the Paul reports. A March 1987 Ron Paul Investment Letter declares that, according to a “Dr. Arnold,” AIDS “can be transmitted through means other than sexual intercourse and blood transfusion, specifically saliva, tears, sweat, feces and urine.” That same newsletter also denounced “federal laws which force schools to accept students known to carry a fatal, communicable disease, and businesses to employ adult victims as ‘handicapped.’”

6. Supporting Gay Rights Equals Sexual Deviance

A 1993 Survival Report denounces accusations against the Branch Davidian religious sect’s leader David Koresh for molesting a young girl, writing, “How dare the Clinton administration talk about sexual deviance? Its officials could have had their own float in the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Parade.”

7. AIDS Sufferers Are ‘Killers’

The authors of the Ron Paul Survival Report waged a crusade in November 1993 against AIDS patients who visit dentists, calling them “deadly customers.” They urge that “the criminal ‘Justice’ Department wants to force dentists to treat these Darth Vader types under the vicious Americans With Disabilities Act,” insisting, “we all have the right to discriminate, which is what freedom of association is all about, especially against killers.”

8. AIDS Comes From Violating ‘Moral Laws’

“[Magic] Johnson may be a sports star, but he is dying because he violated moral laws,” proclaimed the December 1991 issue of the Political Report.

9. Gays Need a ‘Special Category’ in the Military

If there was any question about how the Ron Paul team might feel about gays in the military, the Survival Report’s January 1993 issue clarifies that. “Homosexuals, if admitted, should be put in a special category and not allowed in close physical contact with heterosexuals.”

10. Ron Paul, Newsletter Author?

Perhaps the most outrageous revelation from TNR’s newest batch of incendiary newsletters is evidence suggesting that Paul did indeed write some of the letters himself. The Political Report’s 1992 “Special Issue on Racial Terrorism” was later published under the headline “Racial Terrorism in America” and with Paul’s byline. Paul has said he doesn't know who authored the newsletters, though other journalists have speculated that it was his chief of staff, Lew Rockwell. Issues such as the December 1996 Survival Report refer to Rockwell in the third person, while an invitation to “Join Me” at a conference refers to one of Paul’s speaking engagements. It still could, of course, be true that those producing the newsletter invoked Paul’s name and wrote from his perspective without his knowledge or permission.